My practice is interested in the voice, individually, collectively, literally, metaphorically. It is centred on the activation of community and focused on developing methods for self-organisation and collective study. I interrogate my methodologies by practising with others. I think about intergenerational organising and possibilities to practise radical understandings of kinship and be/longings. 

I am dedicated to exploring possible ways of being in study together that reflect a focus of communing and gathering, supporting connections between artistic production and social change.

I am currently developing a research and residency programme, Confluence, bringing artists, curators and researchers to engage in conversation and share knowledge around water, intertwining different territories across seas; specifically around coastal and fluvial ecologies in Scotland, Morocco, and beyond. 

I strive for a future of abundance without austerity, and to practise kindness without limits.
My ideas and projects hope to use creative tools and creative expression for deeper solidarity between global social justice struggles. 

Currently on a 2-year residency programme with the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh and curating at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

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