Roti, Zameen, Azaadi | Bread, Land, Freedom
The Project Cafe, Glasgow (2019)
Azadi (Persian: آزادی‎), from Persian, meaning freedom or liberty.
"Bread, freedom and social justice!" was the cry that rallied the people in Egypt during the revolution in 2011.
Bread punctuates our collective consciousness, our histories, our memories of home.

Part of Refugee Festival Scotland 2019 and working together with Ubuntu Women Shelter and The Centre for Contemporary Arts, this was a one-day bread-making session at The Project Cafe for womxn from countries including India, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan and Sudan and UK to come together.

Where flour meets water, these simple ingredients come alive as we share our creativity, stories, knowledge and our culture of bread. Through the time of kneading, proofing and baking, we allowed ourselves to take back time and to imagine what it means to live a no-borders existence.

We shared recipes of bread from our different cultures and made naan, focaccia, injera, chapati etc. The workshop closed with a dinner with invited guests to share dishes and bread baked from the day.

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Ubuntu Women Shelter is a Glasgow-based charity set up to meet the emergency and short term accommodation needs of destitute
women (trans and non-binary inclusive) with no recourse to public funds.