selected works

Plotting (Against) The Garden (2021)

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 

A sound commission with writer, artist Hussein Mitha, Plotting (Against) The Garden brings together memories and stories to form a sound composition that evokes embodied knowledge, ecological grief, anti-colonial uprising as well as questioning the ambivalence ot the garden as a form that keeps out as much as it lets in.

The Enchanter’s Nightshade (2019) 

Mud Oven Afternoons, Edinburgh Arts Festival

In The Enchanter’s Nightshade, the performance work at Johnston Terrace Nature Reserve, Edinburgh, invites audience to take company with ‘weeds’ often considered as unwanted and out of place, to think about disturbance as a transformative way of arriving and attending to life.
Irving Berlin (2017)
blip blip blip, Leeds

In a work that explores the parameters of desire and the
idea of a ‘significant other’, Irving Berlin incorporates a series of Youtube footage of owners intensely kissing their dogs with shots of a mouth pressed closed onto a window, dripping with saliva.

The performance reading of song titles to 69 Love Songs
opens up a fictionalised space reimagining the album as
Stephin Merrit’s affectionate ode to his dog, Irving Berlin,
and the possible answer to why he only wears brown.

The work looks at the languages of love and intimacy when modelled between human and animal and our attitudes towards them.

ACHE(āk)   (2016)

Ache is composed of an audio piece activated by motion sensors upon a visitor’s entrance into the space. A list of apologies is blasted over Tannoy speakers by the voice heard at Tescos self-checkout counters (the audio was recorded by Andy Turvey - the voiceover artist hired by the UK supermarket group Tesco in early 2016 to record a series of voice overs to replace the original recording by a woman due to complaints of ‘naggy’ self-checkout voice from shoppers.

The list of apologies was gathered from a Google search of the most popular things people are sorry for.

The performance reading relates my personal encounters of microaggressions being read to in a whispered voice.