Plotting (Against) The Garden, 2021
collaboration with Hussein Mitha
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

 Plotting (Against) The Garden is composed of three segments that play on loops at different parts of the day, evoking a diurnal and nocturnal landscape. Mimicking the gesture of plant life, listeners sync up with the sun through the compositions.

I: Cosmic Radio  

II: The Imprint of the Sun  

III: Dreaming the End of Dreaming
Voices heard in the work are from Alaya Ang, Hussein Mitha, Armaan Verma and Martha Adonai Williams.

An intimate, critical and poetic sound installation around the politics of gardens, dream gardens, and the intersection between the garden and the city, Plotting (Against) The Garden brings together memories and stories by artists Alaya Ang and Hussein Mitha. These compositions evoke embodied knowledge, ecological grief, and anti-colonial uprising, as well as the ambivalence of the garden as a form that keeps out as much as it lets in. The work emerges in dream-form through the urban structure of Beacon Tower and invites listeners to contemplate the politics of gardens: Who owns the land? Who toils on it? Who does the garden exclude? How can we imagine a return to the land, to the commons, to a collective shared world beyond imperialist plunder and capitalist exploitation? Sound artist Cindy Islam has tenderly constructed the music and sounds, reactivating the seed-dreams laid to rest in gardens across cities and sites of ecological destruction. The ambisonic soundscape generates loops and layers of frequencies, field recordings and noise. Cindy Islam morphs sound as texture, to develop an acoustic collage that facilitates a deepened listening practice

Writing excerpt taken from handout